JS Value Objects

In the ‘days of the web-application’ that we live in, more and more calculation is done in the browser, but the code is often not prepared for that. When performing form-validation it can still give you headaches to come up with a decent structure to minimize the redundancy but still keep it dynamic enough so it can handle unknown future changes.

In the upcoming months I hope to write a serie of posts about the use of the Value Object pattern in JavaScript. This will be an experimental journey were I will try to find a way to improve the maintainability and sustainability of JavaScript applications.

Screen Orientation API

The Web Applications Working Group has published a Working Draft of The Screen Orientation API.

The Screen Orientation API provides the ability to read the screen orientation state, to be informed when this state changes, and to be able to lock the screen orientation to a specific state.

Probably the most interesting feature will be the lockOrientation() method, allowing the developer to force the page to be viewed in a specified orientation.

This Working Draft is an update on a previous version published in May 2012.